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I am a theatre director, deviser, and adapter who strives to create innovative, compelling work that prioritizes relevant and contemporary stories. My process is highly collaborative, drawing from devised and community theatre techniques even in traditional settings in order to foster a strong sense of ensemble and play. 

I aim to create nuanced spaces and form solutions that are unusual and unexpected, trusting the strength of the work as well as the openness of my audiences to break out of the ease of convention to offer something unique and focused. I'm interested in how different forms feed into one another, and how training in various genres and media inform my work as a whole.

My work tends to experiment with a blend of physical theatre techniques, contemporary design aesthetics, and non-traditional structures; I work best with ensemble-driven devised theatre. That being said, I'm equally as happy working within a variety of genres, from classical to musical to adapted works. 

I have an MFA in Theatre Directing from East 15 Acting School, a BA in Drama from the University of Washington, and have trained twice at the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS).


I am the Co-Artistic Director of Halfpace Theatre in London, where I am passionate about creating spaces for underrepresented artists.

Transit Rehearsals
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